Monday, May 9, 2011

Adele Inspired Look

So I had a lot of fun putting this look together.   One of my favorite beauty girls on YouTube (EmJustLikeYou) sorta inspired me, if you will, on the look.  She made the suggestion that I looked like her and I was totally flattered!  So I decided to put this look together based of a photo I found off of Bing. (Photo at left)
The eye's were really easy except for the eyeliner.  I used a sheer light brown on the lid (Urban Decay Naked) and in the crease I used a darker brown shade (Coco puff from Too Faced Natural Eye Palette) and blended it out to where there was only a hint of color.  Then came the fun part!  They eyeliner. :)  Adele's eyeliner was a thick line with a wing.  I had to practice the eyeliner a bit just because I'm not the greatest when it comes to using gel liner (but I am a lot better than I was :D) But to see the way I applied it, please check out my youtube channel.  Then what really made the look was adding the white eyeliner  You can also see how I applied that in my tutorial.  For the face, I did not apply any blush because she had the pale look going on.  For the lips to match her skin color, I used a concealer and applied it to my lips then blended it in with a foundation brush.  I then applied a clear gloss to give it a shine.  So here is a picture of my end results:
So I hope you enjoyed and please check out my YouTube channel for this tutorial as well as other videos!

Love and Blessings!

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